The Importance and Types of Smoke Alarm System

One of the biggest traumas to any person is to see their home being destroyed by fire. The most common and important precautionary measures one could take is to fit a smoke alarms systems in your home. It is suggested that smoke alarms be fitted on every floor of a property and in every homes so that one can be warned about an emergency. It is also important to understand that smoke alarms should be checked monthly; and it is recommended that batteries are changed at least yearly. The actual device should be maintained well.

There are various types of Smoke alarm system like Aico smoke alarm very innovative and high performance devices that detect smoke level in places where they are installed. The Aico smoke alarms are environmentally conscious. The sensor used in the smoke alarms can be an ionisation sensor or an optical sensor.

Then you have Ronkonet smoke alarm high quality wireless gadgets with a photoelectric smoke detector for adding fire warning to the alarm systems. This systems offer a unique combination of form, function, and advanced technology designed for high performance, reliability and easy installation.

Then you have the ESP smoke alarm is Photoelectric smoke sensor Powered by one 9V battery for the smoke sensor and built-in transmitter Audible low battery indicator LED indication. This device sends status transmission to control panel every hour and has 30 meters working indoor range from control panel. The device has internal siren to raise alarm at the location. And you have the Visonic smoke Alarm again is a wireless system with photoelectric smoke detector. This device has superior fire detection sensitivity, including the ability to sense rapid temperature changes and detect smoke. Fire alarm, notifications of low battery and maintenance needs are sent to the PowerMax control panel.

So if you don’t have smoke alarm systems in your property install now and live a tension free live. Since nothing is bigger than one’s life.

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