Checking the battery of an electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarettes are an alternative source of nicotine for nicotine addicts. E-cigarettes basically consist of a rechargeable battery and logic board, an atomizer or heating element and a mouthpiece that contains a sponge-type substance that holds the liquid that is vaporized. Electronic cigarette works by vaporizing pure liquid nicotine using a lithium ion battery. The user inhales the vapor from the fake cigarette. The user needs to keep the battery charged in order for the cigarette to work. Supposedly, electronic cigarettes contain no carcinogens. A few simple and easy steps should be followed in order to check the battery of your e-cigarette.

It should be checked and seen whether the light on the battery is blinking or not. If yes, then it means that your battery is getting run down and will need to be recharged soon.

One should learn to recognize the typical force with which you need to inhale on your electronic cigarette. If you find that you need more force to inhale or that inhaling is hard to do, this could be a sign that your battery needs to be recharged.

It should be noticed whether the amount of vapor is atypical. If you are using a new cartridge, but the amount of vapor you’re inhaling has shrunk, that indicates that you may need to recharge your battery.

The battery should be plugged in whenever the electronic cigarette is not in use. This is the easiest way to ensure that your battery does not run down when you are trying to get a puff.

You can even consider purchasing several batteries in case you are a heavy smoker. This will ensure that you’ll always have a charged battery.

The LED should be checked from time to time in order to avoid overheating and overcharging of the battery.

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