Why do you need an online CV?

If you still do not have an online CV you are probably not doing your job hunt any favours. These days it takes more than just having a good CV to land an interview for your dream job. By not having an online CV you are making it more difficult for potential job offers to come in and you are also only limiting yourself by only applying for jobs that are advertised in local papers or websites. By that time, hundreds of other candidates may have also seen the job and your chances of landing an interview will become smaller.

By having an online resume, recruitment experts claim you are giving your job hunt an added boost as you are making yourself more visible to potential employers. As recruitment consultants search online looking for potential candidates to fill their roles, having an online resume is obviously going to make you stand out.

As more of us embrace technological and digital advancements, having a CV online makes the job hunt more efficient and more effective. You do not have to waste money printing out reams upon reams of paper CVs and you are also being more environmentally friendly. Moreover, your online CV will continue working for you 24 hours a day allowing employers to see your details whenever they want.

Having a CV in digital format also allows you to provide links to online portfolios of your work, Facebook profiles or other items of interest. For example, if you work in the graphic design industry you may think about providing links to websites you have designed. Links to online testimonials or references may also help your CV stand out especially if a recruiter is looking to fill a position as quickly as possible. By having links to references and examples of your work, this may speed up the whole process for them and make you stand out as a more attractive and employable candidate.


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