Downsizing before a move

Sometimes downsizing before moving house is a necessity- the new place may be smaller than the old one, for example- or the move might just be a good opportunity to cut down on things that are no longer wanted or needed, so people can enjoy more free space in an uncluttered new flat or house. Of course, having fewer things to move also means removal quotes will be lower so there is an opportunity to save money too.

The first item on a moving house checklist should be figuring out what needs to come and what doesn’t. The next item should be getting rid of the unwanted items. There are a few different ways to do it. The simplest is just to ask around friends, family, and neighbours and see if any of them need the surplus items.

If that doesn’t work, handing unwanted things to removal services is still not the only option. There are always charities looking for used furniture, clothes, and household goods. As long as the items are in reasonable condition, many of them will be happy to make a pick up to save donors the trouble of delivery. For a big wardrobe or a bed that can be quite a relief. The British Heart Foundation, PDSA, and Marie Curie Cancer Care are just three of the many good causes that accept second-hand donations across the UK. Services like Freecycle are also worth considering. They put donors directly in touch with people who need their gifts.

For items with a high resale value, people often prefer to sell. The traditional pre-move garage sale is less common these days, mostly because selling online has become so popular. There are dozens of local, national, and international websites that list items for private sale. Some charge a small fee but others are 100% free to use.

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