Maximise the potential profit in your salon with Intersalon’s revolutionary online booking system.

Intersalon are a revolutionary forward thinking salon and spa software provider located in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. With our wealth of expertise in this industry coupled with our dedication to technological developments and absolute commitment to achieve complete client satisfaction we are widely regarded as the best providers of spa software with our on online booking system.

We live in such a fast paced target driven work it is important in any industry that the administration systems we employ are reliable, efficient and professional. Our team at Intersalon have worked in the beauty and salon industries so have inside knowledge as to what works best. Through thorough research we have come up with what we along with our clients all over the country believe is the most professional and cost efficient software package managing all aspects on your business.

Intersalon is a revolutionary software package that completes seamlessly all your usual administration tasks needed on a day to day basis but also boasts a vast array of added features. Reports and stock taking can be achieved at the click of a button, the management system allows Key Performance Indicators to be highlighted so that any improvements to staff or specific areas can be highlighted straight away this in turn not only optimises time but also the efficiency and performance of all members of the team. The spa software also has a link to the major social networking sites where free appointments and special promotions can be marketed. Arguably the most effective part of Intersalon is the online booking system, the dash board makes it easy to use and your clients can interact with the salon’s diary effectively booking their own appointments.

Intersalon is a great low cost investment, our technological wizards do all the hard work for you with web design, your online shop and maintenance and training all you have to do is reap the rewards of a more efficiently run salon.



Online Booking System from We make sure that your salon is organised with top quality software and webs design. Visit us for Spa Software.