Superior orthodontists in the London area

If you need an orthodontist in London to have braces fitted, there is a very strong chance that you might not have found the right practice yet. However, we can help in many ways.

The type of brace you have can determine how long your treatment time will be. Our Damon braces are typically known to provide greater results, but in a shorter space of time. Damon braces are just as effective as other braces because excellent results are achieved several months quicker. Damon braces require fewer appointments. These appointments are every eight to ten weeks instead every six weeks. Incognito braces have been chosen by a countless number of people. Although they are similar to traditional metal “train track” braces, they are placed behind the teeth, which therefore makes them totally invisible. So, your confidence can increase whilst wearing this type of brace.

As well as the aforementioned two examples, Invisalign braces have been chosen by a countless number of people. Using a set of clear aligners, Invisalign aligners can be removed whenever you like, for eating and drinking. This therefore makes eating a much more pleasurable experience, as there is minimal or no discomfort felt. This is in complete contrast to other braces, where once they are fitted they are fixed in place until removed by an orthodontist. The Invisalign brace, as with all of our methods, can fit into any budget due to having interest free payment plans in place. Therefore when you want an orthodontist in London, which can provide assistance at prices that won’t exceed your budget, choose us the Hampstead Orthodontist practice. If you require any of the other orthodontic treatments in London that we provide, such as Ice (tooth coloured) Braces, we aim to meet your expectations on each and every occasion.

When wanting to select outstanding orthodontics treatment around London, contact our customer friendly team.

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