Crystal Angels

Many people feel comforted by the thought of angels and guardians, and crystal angels are a great addition to a household for those who feel guided by angelic forces or who believe they have a personal protector looking out for them.

Here at Crystal Delights, we specialise in gorgeous crystal angels, all made from top quality materials, and our range is affordably priced to ensure that everyone can benefit from crystal angels.

Our range of crystal angels is extensive and includes larger crystal angels, smaller crystal angels and great sets of multiple crystal angels in different colours and finishes. If you are looking for crystal angels you are sure to find something within our comprehensive collection.

Our larger sized crystal angels are among our most popular items and they are available in a huge range of colours and materials, including rose quartz and opalite. These crystal angels represent great value for money at less than £40, and the wing span of the items is 55mm, making them a beautiful sight when paired up or displayed in a line.

We think these crystal angels make a great addition to any home, or a lovely gift for friends or family. These crystal angels are all hand crafted and come to us from China, where they are manufactured with passion and care.

Other popular crystal angels buys include our set of three crystal angels, which come in a pretty gift pouch. This trio of crystal angels are made from rose quartz, crystal gemstone and clear quartz, and each individual crystal angels item measures around 50mm tall.

When buying crystal angels, there are a number of things to keep in mind. Different kinds of crystal and quartz symbolise different energies and can aid in various ways, so before buying crystal angels customers should think about how they want their crystal angels to guide them.

Rose quartz crystal angels can help attract love and purify the heart, and can be a calming influence on a home. Clear quartz is said to be healing and energising, and those buying crystal angels made from fluorite can benefit from stabilisation and cleansing. provides Crystal Angels. We specialize in both common and rare crystals to our customers can benefit nature’s treasures at affordable prices. Visit our site for Azeztulite.

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