Man on mission to collect phone cards for troops

A man in the US has been doing his bit for charity by collecting phone cards to distribute to troops engaged in active service. Cody Anderson from the Naples area of Florida conducted a 33-hour walkathon around the Collier County Government Complex in a bid to convince people to hand over international phone cards for soldiers stationed in Afghanistan, the Naples Daily News reports.

The 56-year-old started his mission at 9am local time draped in a seven-foot gold-tasselled American flag and dressed in uniform of a West Point cadet from 1960.

This is not the first time the individual has helped collect phone cards for military personnel. In 2006, he flew to five army bases in Kuwait, personally delivering $300,000 (£188,270) worth of phone cards to soldiers. This was despite the fact that he hates flying.

Meanwhile, commenting on his efforts Major Michael Reeve of Army Field Artillery, 3rd Infantry Division, said: “Most people come here and say I need this or that. Cody came and said, ‘What can I do for the soldiers?’

“He had put together $40,000 of sound equipment with his own money, and was going all over the country to raise phone cards. We were so impressed our garrison had him come and play for 7,000 troops and family members.”

Mr Anderson completed his recent fundraising exercise despite being in poor health. He has been unable to work for a number of years, so the feat was a difficult one for him.

Meanwhile, those who handed him international phone cards got to take their pick from a selection of movies on DVD that Mr Anderson handed out as an incentive to get people to take part.

All around the US and many other countries, individuals are involved in charity events to help provide troops with phone card provisions.

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