The Best Ways to Support Your Bees

When you keep bees, ensuring that they are as happy and healthy as possible is extremely important. Whilst many people spend the majority of their outgoings on the right apiaries and beekeeping suits, a slight shift of focus towards also encouraging your bees is likely to even better results. Whilst there are many beekeeping supplies available to make the process far easier and far more successful, it is often just as important to make sure you have the right plants around to keep them busy and satisfied.

As many will know the best colours to plant (for example, staying away from reds is important as bees simply cannot see the colour and instead just see a black lump), it is also important that the flowers you plant do not have too many petals if you want the bees to be able to successfully reach the nectaries.

As well as the right flowers, make sure you have shelter for the bees and that the flowers you plant attract as much sunshine as possible. Try offering shallow water for them too and plenty of places to explore, with lots of crevices and general nooks and crannies.

Don’t cut your grass too short either. Bees love clover and slightly higher grass will be a perfect place for bees to play.

Avoid using any pesticides, and encourage native wildflowers wherever possible. The times of the year that you plant certain flowers will also be important so be sure to look at not only which flowers you should plant, but also exactly when you should plant them.

Ultimately, as important as beekeeping suits are, the right supplies and the right flowers are going to be extremely important to get right if you wish to make sure your bees are as productive and as happy as possible this summer.

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