A Printed Dress Is Much More In Style Than The Little Black Dress

Every woman will be familiar with the age-old dilemma of finding the perfect dress for that special occasion. For many years, the little black dress has been hailed as the pinnacle of elegance; however, recently, fashion has evolved and now a printed dress is much more in style than the traditional little black dress.

When shopping for the perfect printed dress, there are some key tips to bear in mind to ensure that your look continues to be timeless and classic whilst still showing a flair for style and the latest fashions.

Choose a patterned dress that is right for your body shape
Those people with pear-shaped figures may find that more pattern around a neckline will be more flattering than an all-over print, whereas apple shapes and hourglass figures will be flattered by a busy print across the whole dress.

Choose a pattern that is right for the occasion
Is the dress for a formal evening event or for a lunch date with the girls? Make sure the pattern does not clash with your coat or outerwear. You could even add patterns to your look when shopping for ladies coats – checks and tweed are sophisticated for winter and floral patterns look superb in spring.

Choose a pattern with the rest of your outfit in mind
When including patterned items in your outfit, accessories are best kept minimal as to not distract from the pattern on your dress. Women’s knitwear designs are often centred on a pattern or a motif so be sure to bear this in mind when choosing your dress if you are planning to wear a cardigan or shrug with it.

Patterned dress designs can range from subtle flashes of colour to full on geometric prints. The only limit is your imagination, so wear your patterned dress with confidence, knowing that your outfit is so much more stylish than a simple little black dress.