Why Invisalign

Maintaining the overall quality of a set of teeth is of paramount importance to both children and adults who want to avoid being afraid or self-conscious when smiling or eating. To ensure teeth remain in good condition, individuals may require orthodontic treatment to apply braces upon the upper or lower, or both, rows of teeth to avoid potential issues with breathing or eating. Failure to receive treatment is simply not an option as the repercussions can lead to issues such as tooth decay, gum diseases, or problems within the joints of either or both jaws. Despite the importance behind receiving such orthodontic treatment, a general consensus remains that traditional adult braces are unappealing and decrease a person’s overall appearance to the extent that individuals hide their smile.

To eradicate such psychological defects, patients now have the option to be fitted with invisalign London within orthodontic treatment to improve the overall quality of the teeth and jaws in case of growth problems during an early age. Unlike traditional braces that require brackets and wires, invisalign can be fitted into an individual’s mouth in a gum-like form that is practically invisible to the human eye. This understatedly highlights the cosmetic benefits available to all patients who can receive the required treatment, such as teeth straightening, whilst continuing to smile and not feeling afraid to show any sign of a brace. Invisalign braces are designed to be moulded into each individual’s teeth alignments that provide a comfortable feeling within the mouth during the treatment duration. This avoids the problems associated with traditional adult braces as loose wiring can cause irritation to both teeth and gums.

Arguably the main problem that patients encounter with traditional braces is the difficulty to continually brush and floss, as the brackets require more effort and attention to avoid tooth decay and plaque. Choosing invisalign London provides patients with a removable form of alignment treatment that means teeth can be easily cleaned. Additionally, traditional braces can restrict the number of foods that can be eaten during a period of required treatment – this is not a problem with invisalign as individuals can eat and drink whatever they choose to highlight just why an increasing number of patients opt for invisalign braces.