Utilise human resources to boost staff morale

The issue of maintaining and improving staff morale can feel like mission impossible for many business owners and their human resources representatives in contemporary workplaces. Numerous businesses are under enormous pressure to push their team members harder than ever in order to keep their heads above water and ensure survival, often in the absence of satisfactory financial rewards. Some businesses have already had to slash their workforces, whilst others are in the unenviable positions of having to consider staff redundancies.

In their attempts to boost staff morale and keep workers engaged with the business and each other, some managers treat their workforce to team building activities. Whether these activities involve white-water rafting, spa pampering, or a round of drinks at a local bar on a Friday evening after work, recent research carried out by Vodafone and YouGov has revealed that they regularly fall short of the mark. Of the 1,000+ workers polled, 66% fed back that they had been obligated to take part in some sort of team building activity. 54% concluded that that their participation in team building activities did not motivate them or improve their workplace relationships with their colleagues and superiors.

These figures do not represent good news to the business owners, managers and human resources professionals who have spent company time and money on team building activities that they believed would be mutually beneficial to both their businesses and the people that work for them. The research concluded that the majority of staff are simply concerned about working in a supportive environment, rather than receiving contrived gestures.

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