Using social media to promote your site

Social networking sites were originally places where you could socialise. This is still true today but these social media sites have evolved to become powerful and effective tools in the web marketer’s arsenal. Here are some tips on how you can use social media marketing to promote your website:

Never the twain shall meet
Keep your personal profile and business profile separate. Mixing it up will only confuse the message you want to communicate about your business. Never post personal pictures and keep the professional Facebook page updated and relevant.

Interact and learn about your customers
By getting involved and engaging with the followers on your chosen social media sites you will learn a lot about your target market. These communities are not just potential buyers; they provide a valuable source of information. By interacting you can tap into their opinions, preferences and requirements and gain a deeper understanding of your market.

A two-way communication
Social media marketing is not just about promoting your products. There is a flow of information from you to the customer and back to you again. One of the biggest benefits is that people can be encouraged to interact with your brand and gain information about your company in an informal way.

Advertising opportunities
SMM is more effective if you combine it with the shrewd use of ads. Images and ads should be displayed where followers can see them. Opting for a poor position can seriously impair sales as potential customers are missed.

Promotions and giveaways are great ways to incentivise people to interact with and follow your company. The promise of free products will always attract people to your pages, but ensure it’s something you can supply in high volume and bring the promotion to a close when stocks are depleted.

Do your research
When researching your customer’s preferences ask them about social networking. If you find that a high percentage of customers spend over an hour a day social networking, then you could create a page for your product or service.
Also, check out various social media sites in order to decide which ones are better suited to your business before you launch. Run tests and find the best social media techniques that work for you. This will ensure you don’t damage your company image with ineffective social media.

You can also use SMM to attract your niche market by using sponsorship. Sponsoring a forum allows a customer to engage with the brand and ask you questions directly. These forums are interactive and will make your business more personable.

Keep updating content
Your social media marketing strategy will count for nothing if you don’t attract people to your social media profile. To gain followers you need to be dedicating time and resources to producing high value content. It should be engaging and relevant to your customers – proof read it to ensure it has appeal and create headlines and sub headings that will grab the reader’s attention.

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