Box Hedging Is Ideal for Natural Garden Edges

If you have put a lot of work into your garden you will want to make sure that it stays looking great for as long as possible. Although you will want to show off your garden as much as possible to friends and family, you run the risk of people unwittingly trampling plants and flower beds that you have painstakingly nurtured. Pets and animals are also likely to cause damage, especially if they are left unsupervised. You can help to protect parts of your garden from damage by creating borders, although you would not wish borders to affect the natural beauty of your garden. Box hedging offers a natural border option that will help to maintain or enhance the natural beauty of your garden.

Box hedging is a sturdy hedge plant that is ideal for creating borders because it can withstand regular trimming. It is also a hedge that can be trimmed down low to the ground, or allowed to grow taller to create a higher barrier. The thick, luscious leaves of box hedging also help to make it an ideal option for creating borders in your garden. What’s more is that it will thrive in all types of soil, making it a very flexible hedging option.

Something A Little Different

Because box hedging can survive heavy clipping and trimming, it is an ideal candidate for topiary. If you would like a feature in your garden that is a little different to what you may expect to find anywhere else then you can turn your box hedging into just about any kind of figure you can think of. From a simple arch to something more challenging like an animal with a little imagination you can create something that is really quite unique.

Whether you would like to try to be creative, or you would simply prefer to create a natural border to help protect certain areas of your garden, box hedging is the perfect option for many. Plant each plant at approximately 9-15 inches apart for hedges and they will soon begin to grow into something that you will be proud to have in your garden.


Of all the many different types of hedging that can be used in gardens, box hedging is one of the most popular