Wedding invitation themes

Wedding invitations set the theme of the entire wedding with the style and design of your invitations indicating to your guests what to expect on the day. The wording of the wedding invitations is extremely important as it will convey to your guests the dates and times and the type of wedding you are having. It is therefore important to ensure that your invitations reflect who you are.

Begin by shopping around for invitations. This may include looking at wedding invitations online, comparing wedding invitations you have received or visiting several invitation stores for ideas. Keep in mind what colours, fonts, sizes and media you wish to use.

Determine what the trends are or what kind of style you are after. Will your wedding invitations be contemporary, romantic or informal? What colours will be used in your wedding? Your colour palette will depend largely on what you have in mind for the wedding. The wedding invitations should compliment your decorative plans for the day and the same or similar design should be used for envelopes, reply cards, name cards, wedding programs and all stationery that will be used on the day.

As a general rule of thumb wedding invitations should make up 2-5% of the wedding budget. Prices range enormously depending on the type of invitation you want, the type of paper you are using and the quantity in which you require it, however there are many cheaper alternatives which are just as effective and look as stunning. So whatever your budget, there is an invitation to suit!

In addition to the wedding invitation you may also want to send your guests a map of how to get there and accommodation in the area. Reply cards and Wedding gift registry information cards can also be included.

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