Social media marketing: A learning process

In some professions, one might not trust the advice of someone who emphasised that they were still learning. However, if one is hoping to use a SEO company who can provide high quality social media services, one should not consider an enterprise which is not explicit in its learning commitment. It is only possible for progress to be made when consultancies make knowledge acquisition a central plank of their activities. The rate of change in the discipline is swift and the evolution of mobile opportunities exemplifies this point.

At we work hard at integrating learning within the context of all we do. While some companies restrict their work to social media, we provide a full range of services. It is not commercially prudent to waste resources on getting traffic if a site is not designed, run and maintained to make the very most of it. The increase in the number of users electing to use smart phones will have a profound impact on conventional optimisation and work on the social networks.

It is probably the case that American consultancies have been generally quicker to see the opportunities represented by the mobile revolution than their British counterparts. Nonetheless, there is a big difference between knowing something is of growing importance and exploiting that something in an efficient manner. Hence UK consultancies can pick up some tips from lessons learned on the other side of the Atlantic.

Of course, lesson drawing from American experiences is not simple. There can never be a question of importing what works from one continent to another in a straightforward way. Any optimisation technique has to be tailored to meet the individual requirements of a site. The specificities of diverse target audiences can never be neglected. In short, analysis of any case study or report has to be a careful process.

Good examples of this are arguably findings from the American Super Bowl. Some marketing experts were disappointed with the results obtained by marketing on social networks. They had hoped to cash in more heavily on opportunities relating to mobile devices. The UK does not really have a Super Bowl equivalent in its sporting calendar in terms of advertising opportunities. The Olympics will be a one-off spectacle and other sporting events which occur in Britain do not have the mass audience the Super Bowl has. Nevertheless, consultants should look at what worked and what didn’t in relation to American football.

According to one commentator, there was far too little targeting of consumers. There was a mass audience watching the game. Half that audience apparently had a smart phone on them. However, the field goal was basically missed for a variety of reasons. Many advertisements lacked a website address, for instance.

It is a safe bet to suggest that the companies will do better next year. It is feasible for British consultancies to pick up information by paying heed to the details of these events. However, it is important that ‘the social’ is treated as a long-running opportunity. Focusing too much on big events would be narrow-minded and this may be especially true outside the American context.

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