Double glazed sash windows in keeping with a period property

Period properties are highly sought after. These homes don’t come on to the market very often and when they do they tend to be snapped up in weeks rather than months. They have a character and charm that modern properties simply can’t rival or replicate. They might have a wooden balcony, an art deco style design, original fire places or wooden sash windows. And it’s these features that people want to preserve.

The only drawback is that they aren’t always practical. Take the wooden sash windows for example. They look great and add so much charm and character, but compared to modern windows they might be draughty. And then there’s the wood to consider. It might become rotten and need replacing. The last thing any home owner wants to do is destroy the unique character of their property, but how they can accommodate more practical considerations without spoiling the look and feel of their house?

The answer in the vast majority of cases is to invest in replacement double glazed sash windows. That way home owners get the best of both worlds. The double glazing makes for a much more effective way to keep heat in and cold out, but without losing the effect that the sash windows provide. It’s aesthetically pleasing and more practical. The perfect solution.

With so much at stake any company fitting double glazed sash windows needs to know their trade inside out. No home owner wants to risk damaging their property and losing its charm. Kellys Sash Windows are tried and tested installers quality glazing. They understand their customer’s concerns and work carefully and painstakingly to fit modern windows that in keeping with period properties.

Finding out more is easy. Customers can call in for a no obligation quote. There’s no hard sell, just clear honest advice and pricing.

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