Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Looking after a dog is very different to owning a dog. You can own a dog and be completely unaware of its needs, not giving it the right food at the right times, not allowing it the right amount of space to play, and exercising him in a completely ineffective way.

Therefore, owning a dog is not just about giving it somewhere warm to lay its head, but it is also about ensuring you keep it as healthy and happy as possible too.

The happy part should be easy. So long as you show your puppy a great deal of love and ensure it has a comfortable place to sleep and lots of toys to play with, you are likely to ensure it stays as happy as possible. However, when it comes to puppy health, there is a lot more to think about.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you get your dog regular check ups. The right veterinary care is vital and it will not only need certain inoculations, but your dog will also just need routine checkups to ensure health problems don’t go unnoticed.

When it comes to food, always try to buy your supplies from a reputable pet store. Much of the food sold in ordinary shops will be bulked up with many additives and is unlikely to provide the balanced nutrition your dog needs. Whichever food you offer, be sure to monitor his reaction to it – food can make a difference to everything from energy levels and weight to disposition and even the shine of their coat, so if you notice any adverse changes, be sure to look for another alternative.

Finally, make sure you give your dog plenty of exercise. Walk them at least twice a day, for an hour or so at a time if you can, and ensure that you have a regular pattern they can get used to.

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