Finding the right car dealer in Inverness

Buying a car shouldn’t be a lottery, but it can be. Buying privately has its pitfalls and some car dealers Inverness can be less than reputable. Getting it wrong is a nightmare. A bad car can quickly turn into a money pit as problems mount up. Some vehicles are best avoided. A good dealer gives their stock of cars a thorough mechanical once over and sells them with a warranty for added peace of mind.

In any town a good dealer will have a well earned reputation and Inverness is no exception. The best way to grow a business is through word of mouth and this is what Dicksons have done. They are a long established Inverness car company for a very good reason. They offer quality stock and make sure their customers get the support and after care they need to make the right choice in the first place and to keep that car running smoothly and efficiently longer term. It’s a complete end to end service.

No one wants to be hassled by smooth talking salesmen out on the forecourt. They just want some honest and unbiased advice so they can make the right decision based on their motoring needs. Dicksons are an Inverness car company that local buyers trust. They buy their cars here because they want a service and approach that they can trust and rely on.

As one of the leading car dealers Inverness Dicksons strive to offer value for money as well as a great service. Their vehicles are keenly priced, an important consideration to buyers in these times of economic uncertainty and austerity. A good car will give its new owner many years of carefree motoring. Dicksons can help prospective buyers find the right vehicle for them. One that is matched perfectly to their needs and their budget.

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