Not knowing a target audience

When it comes to link building, being able to identify and satisfy segments of a target audience is absolutely critical. It is easy for novices to waste resources by failing to provide users with what they want in terms of content. If users are not pleased by what they find on a site or in terms of social media updates, they will look elsewhere to have their needs met. This means other sites have little incentive to link to the site in question.

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There is a diversity of ways in which a target audience can be approached. Firstly, the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can be deployed to good effect. Secondly, relevant blogs can be frequented. Thirdly, the sites of competitors can be visited. Fourthly, competitions or surveys can be held. While other techniques exist, it is perhaps worth focusing on what these ones can be said to have in common.

What is clear is that rich communication between a campaign and users is central to success. General search world research should be supplemented by finding detailed information out in relation to the target audience. Getting users to disclose information about themselves is not as difficult as one might believe. There are few users who are reluctant to share information about their tastes and interests because of privacy concerns.

However, it is still possible to go astray. Users only appreciate genuine interaction and can be alienated by a host of etiquette breaches. If a business appears to be too pushy, or if it shows itself unable to listen or does not treat users like individuals, it can pay a heavy price.

The problem is that if mistakes are made, they can distort the view one has of a target audience. For example, if users have been turned off by a faux pas, they will no longer be willing to freely provide good quality information going forward. Equally, user-generated content will suffer if a blog has not catered to user needs in an efficient manner.

When one is alienated from a target audience, it is much harder to get high quality inbound links. This is because a campaign will lose direction in these circumstances. Users will not frequent the site as much and nor will they be so interested in social media updates. It will become an uphill struggle.

In the world of inbound link acquisition, ignorance is far from blissful. Links are central to success. In an era when link purchasing is strictly prohibited, using information efficiently is of considerable significance. It is essential to pursue links with polite tenacity. If done well, rival sites may suffer from the competition. Getting the right kind of links is a task that demands conscientious professionalism at all times.

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