What Difference can a Memory Foam Mattress Make?

Many people use a double or single memory foam mattress now, but what is the appeal? They provide various benefits for the body and mind by enhancing quality of sleep throughout the night, as the flexible nature of the foam allows for more comfort and greater support than a standard spring mattress. Below is a closer look at each of the key advantages:

Improved Comfort

The body can relax more on a single memory foam mattress than one featuring springs, as it moulds to the sleeper’s unique shape and provides extra support to the spine and muscles; these will be working unnecessarily hard throughout the night when someone sleeps on an uncomfortable mattress, which can cause discomfort later on. On a more immediate level, foam is more comfortable than springs as it creates a sensation of sinking into the bed that other designs simply cannot match. This prevents the sleeper from having to readjust their position to avoid large springs or bumps on pressure points, leading to sounder sleep; research has shown that memory foam reduces the feeling of needing to change position by 80%.

Easing Back Problems

Using memory foam mattresses can ease and even prevent back ache as it aids correct spinal alignment, which can make a significant difference to posture and comfort both during sleep and throughout the following day. This can make a huge impact on a person’s life, as back ache combined with poor sleep is a bane in anyone’s day-to-routine.

Helping with Sleep Disorders

Memory foam mattresses can provide great relief for those who suffer with sleep problems, as they allow the entire body to relax. As the user may become more comfortable and at ease than usual before sleep (due to their improved posture), sleep comes faster and for longer periods. As anyone who has experienced insomnia or other sleep disorders can attest, being able to sleep better can completely change your life.

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