Fire safety products to protect the most vulnerable

Sourcing the right fire safety products for the job will be vital in any setting, but if you need to accommodate vulnerable individuals then choosing wisely becomes even more important. Those who are deaf or hard of hearing will require alternative pieces of fire protection equipment to ensure their complete safety in the event of an emergency, with carefully designed smoke alarm systems being an essential investment.

Smoke alarms of this nature have been specifically designed to offer alternative alarm signals, ensuring the individual will still be aware of any emergency occurring. A combination of high-intensity strobe lights and vibration pads will provide the necessary signals and will be enough to wake the individual up during the night, with a variety of systems being on offer to suit the needs of each customer. Interlinked options will be vital to ensure complete protection, but it’s important to consider portable options too—travelling can pose particular risks for the hard of hearing because not all hotels and guest houses will have the necessary systems in place, making bedside fire alarm monitors ideal. These self-contained units will instantly activate should a fire alarm sound, being perfect for those travelling away from home.

Statistics show that one in seven people won’t wake up from a traditional smoke alarm because of a hearing disability, putting them needlessly at risk of injury or even death. That’s why it’s so important to take the necessary precautions with investment in the right fire safety products being absolutely vital, and one company that will be able to accommodate your needs is Safelincs. They take safety seriously and with an extensive range of fire protection equipment for the hard of hearing you can be confident that even the most vulnerable of individuals will be as safe as possible, letting everyone involved sleep soundly and securely.

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