Universal Fire Brigade Keys

FB keys and padlocks are the standard locks recommended to fire brigades to be used in communal areas. The benefits of using these keyed alike style locks are numerous and they give specific personnel the ability to access all areas they need to by using common keys. As such, since such an area should be a secure one, communal areas and less important articles can be easily and safely stored and accessed by all personnel. Such keys are also very easy to replace at a low cost, making them perfect to ensure that all articles can be accessed by those who need to at any time.

Of course, this approach to choosing padlocks does mean that it could be easy for intruders to get hold of a copy of the key, and with simple lock mechanisms they may well be easy to pick. Therefore, whilst they are highly recommended for all fire stations and fire personnel to use, they are only recommended for convenience and ease, rather than to keep very important items locked away.

There are particular benefits for fire station in using this type of lock. Not only will different fire personnel be present at different times due to the nature of the job, but in many extreme cases, personnel may find they have to travel to help other emergency services personnel in other areas. As such, by having common keys they can perform the jobs they need to wherever they are and not be required to pick up individual sets of keys for each and every area in every new fire station they happen to visit.

Choosing universal locks can be extremely beneficial in many ways and speed up the replacement of lost keys to boot. As such, for areas that need accessing regularly by multiple people but do not need extremely high security at all times, FB keys are likely to be the very best bet.

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