Improving Home Security

The majority of homes are fairly easy to break into. Even those with CCTV and alarm systems are fairly easy to enter for an experienced burglar. In fact, the majority of homes will not have been broken into just down to sheer luck that no one has tried rather than the fact that the home is a difficult one to enter.

For example, most door locks can be bypassed with just a credit card or some very simple tools. Adding mortice locks is likely to help a great deal as these are far harder to pick and a great deal tougher to boot, but even then it will be important that you do not leave the key in the inside of the lock or intruders are likely to simply break a small piece of glass and reach in and turn it.

Choosing the right mortice locks is a very good place to start when looking at home security, but the door is not the only potential point of entry. It is wise not to rely too heavily on technology as power cuts or even malfunctions can leave you very exposed. Instead, consider the safety that double glazing can offer, and the benefits of security lights to ensure that anyone trying to intrude will be in full view of passersby. Also, try wherever possible to remove items that can be easily climbed on by potential intruders and try not to have high walls or bushes to give people a place to hide in the darkness.

Using simple steel rods to secure windows or latches and chains to stop doors opening fully will also help you to remove the chances of a break-in. People do not wish to be detected when they are breaking in to a building and anything from the right door locks to simple alarms that will make their job harder will more than likely stop them in their tracks.

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