Is the Feed In Tariff a Good Investment?

When it was first introduced, the Feed In Tariff solar panels offered was championed as the best possible investment one could make. However, with certain markets stabilising and with a reduction in the amount offered to new people joining the Tariff, is it still a good investment?

Ultimately, whilst other investments will carry a certain level of risk, the Feed In Tariff solar panels offer is one that is guaranteed, and to a certain extent linked to changes in inflation. This means that, no matter what happens in the market in the future you have a great investment that will continue to give no matter what, and at the same time will offer you the chance to reduce or remove your energy bills at the same time.

The reduction to the rate offered in the Tariff has also lead to companies lowering the prices of panels and cheap solar panels are now far more readily available meaning that, with a reduced initial investment, people may even start to make money faster than those on the higher tariff.

It seems therefore to be a case of swings and roundabouts, but ultimately, even with a reduced fee being offered, the return can still be vast, the initial investment can be less and the whole venture simply a great deal safer and more long-term than other investments currently available on the market.

With so many cheap solar panels now available and with more sites offering you the ability to easily choose between those offering installations to help you find the best companies and the best prices, there has almost never been a better time to invest in solar energy. It is also worth remembering that, even if there were no Feed In Tariff at all, with the prices of fuel rising by the day, before long it will almost be the only way for the majority of people to be able to afford to power their home.

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