Selling Your Phone

When it comes time to sell your phone, there are many things to bear in mind. From finding out where the best place to actually sell mobile phone handsets is through to knowing what to do with the phone itself before you hand it over, there are numerous things to consider.

Firstly, it is wise to remember that when you sell mobile phone handsets to local shops, they will simply be selling it on at an inflated price. As such, you will not be getting paid what the phone is worth, and whilst this might be an easy way to get rid of old handsets, it is one that will end up leaving you out of pocket.

It is equally as easy to use mobile phone recycling and you are likely to find that you get a great deal more money for your handset when going this route. Such sites are not only buying to sell on, but are often using the very valuable materials of the phone or even using the handsets to help those in need. Either way, mobile phone recycling can offer you a good deal of money no matter whether your phone is brand new or extremely old.

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Once you have decided where to sell your phone, you will need to consider the things you may need to do before you send it away. The most important of these will be to erase the contents of your mobile. Many people consider erasing photos and music, but often forget that within their contacts, messages and even internet history, there will be a huge array of important information about you that you won’t want to end up in other people’s hands.

Therefore, before you send off your phone to whoever has paid you for it, ensure that you have wiped the phone totally and, when in doubt, do a full factory reset to be safe.

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