Blast doors keep workers safe at sea

Safety is important in any environment, from an office through to an oil rig. Of course in some workplaces there is some margin for error, but for people working at sea on tankers, fishing boats and oil rigs any safety slip up could prove fatal. Marine workers rely on each other and their equipment in order to get the job done and return to port safely.

In order to keep people as well as cargo safe and secure, everything from living quarters to containers need to be fitted with marine doors. These are doors specially designed to keep the elements and the sea at bay and protect the people and goods inside.

Blast doors need to be built to withstand any kind of problem, be it heavy seas or fire. They must be incredibly durable. All kinds of vessels are fitted with them from fishing boats through to super tankers. Marine workers depend on them to keep them safe and out of harm’s way.

With marine doors there’s no margin for error. They have to be manufactured to international standards and tested in extreme environments to ensure they are up to the task at hand. These doors can save lives and save ships. Their importance cannot be underestimated.

Finding a good supplier of blast doors is essential for any company operating with crews at sea. They need a supplier who can provide customised doors and windows to fit any type of container, unit or vessel. For many ocean going organisations that supplier is MML Marine.

The company have built up an enviable reputation over the years as the go to supplier for industrial strength, high quality doors that are up the rigours of the seas and the challengers workers in this environment face. Their materials can be relied upon in the most challenging conditions.

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