Marine doors that are tested to the limit

Thousands of people earn their living by working at sea. People like fishermen, oil rig workers and crew on tankers. It’s a tough environment to work in and one that can expose workers to all kinds of dangers, from rough seas through to blazing fires. Safety is paramount and there’s no margin for error.

The ships, the equipment, the accommodation units and containers used at sea all have to be manufactured to the highest standards to stand up to the rigours of the maritime environment and protect the crew and cargo on board.

Watertight doors are essential on board any kind of sea going vessel. They keep the elements out and keep the products being transport safe and sound inside. These doors need to be manufactured to the highest standards possible. This is a harsh environment and these marine doors are tested to the limit by very trying conditions and everything the sea and the elements can throw at them. They are all that stands between the crew and the raging seas outside.

Companies who work in this environment often have very specific requirements for the doors and windows that they need. Any supplier of watertight doors needs to be able to be flexible enough to supply bespoke doors and windows that must be designed to fit exact specifications so they can be fitted to containers or on board ships and rigs.

MML Marine are specialists in this area. Thanks to their years of experience and vast range of products they can help organisations operating in the marine environment source the marine doors and windows that they need for both their vessels and containers. They know what is required at sea and test and manufacture to the very highest standards to ensure their customers get the quality doors and windows they need at sea.

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