Understand the potential Levonelle side effects that might be experienced

When female patients buy Levonelle online from an online pharmacy, there are some potential side effects that they are made aware of. In the vast majority of cases no side effects are experienced. However, as is the case with most types of medication, patients are informed about what they should look for. It is imperatively important that female patients obtaining Levonelle 1500 pay due attention to these side effects, which can reduce the effectiveness of their morning after medication or render it useless.

Female patients can, however, take heart that Levonelle is very safe to use. Rumours about side effects are generally exactly that and it causes little of the excessive nausea and sickness that women might have experienced with morning after pills in the 80s and 90s. It is possible for a patient to feel slightly sick after taking their prescribed dosage, yet only one patient in 60 actually vomits as a direct result of Levonelle.

Some of the rare side effects which patients should discuss immediately with their doctors can include tenderness of the breasts, dizziness, blood spotting, headaches and stomach aches. However, if they are sick within a three hour period after taking Levonelle, women should err on the side of caution and take a repeat dosage as it is highly likely that their initial dosage will not work. It is better to be safe than sorry.

At Nationwide Pharmacies, we have General Pharmaceutical Council of Great Britain registration to provide online pharmacy prescriptions and dispensing services to female patients seeking morning after medication. Every patient who enlists our first class services is required to undertake a free online consultation with one of the UK registered doctors we employ, before being prescribed with the relevant medication. We hope to take away some of the worry for female patients seeking to buy Levonelle online.

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