Improve marketing response rates with plastic cards

There are all kind of different marketing gimmicks competing for people’s attention. In a crowded promotional world full of different messages it’s important to cut through to the customer and grab their attention. Easier said than done. However, often getting those elusive and all important results is just a case of fine tuning an initiative or tactic rather than making fundamental changes.

Representatives from different businesses are forever handing things out to people. From flyers and leaflets through to business cards. How much of an impact do they really have? For the most part the impression they make is very limited. They just aren’t designed very well. Plastic cards take this concept and give it a glossy make over.

Think about if for a moment. Being handed a plastic card with details of an offer makes more of an impression. It looks high quality, more like a credit card than a piece of paper. It’s something to keep, to tuck away in a purse or wallet. It won’t disintegrate and is less likely to be thrown away.

More and more companies are starting to discover that plastic cards are the answer to their marketing woes. They are achieving better visibility, reach and response rates thanks to this slight change to their approach.

A plastic card doesn’t have to be expensive to produce either. Thanks to an operator like Plastic Cards Direct Ltd it’s an extremely cost effective way to market and promote to potential customers.

First impressions count. So many cards and flyers just get tossed in the bin seconds after they are handed out. Something made of plastic is much more likely to be kept and read. And that could mean much better returns on promotional campaigns. It’s an investment that is worth making. Reach out to prospects in a more memorable and effective way.

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