Theatre is at its Best

London theatre is currently more popular than it has been for many, many years. There are plenty of reasons for this and, surprisingly, it all started back with the recession.

With the recession in full flow, theatres in London were seeing their highest box office takings in nearly a quarter of a century. The biggest cause of this was the fact that, with less disposable income, theatre seemed like a genuine treat that wouldn’t break the bank. In turn, investment in theatre shows rose and bigger names were lured to the stage as they could finally get paid a reasonable wage to take roles that they loved.

The rise in big names lead to even more London theatre tickets being sold and this was aided by the fact that the internet now made it possible to get cheap theatre tickets for almost any show. With more money being made and more plays being performed in London, investors were also willing to take more risks, giving new voices a chance to try increasingly interesting things with the shows that they put on.

Now, there is a wider range of theatre available in London than ever before ranging from overblown spectacles to very intimate plays. With so many cheap theatre tickets available it also means that, whilst there is more choice than ever before, it is also easier for more people to afford to see these shows than ever before.

Even musicals have started to diversify, and there are even very big budget shows attracting a more unique audience, meaning that almost anyone can find a show that will be right for them on any scale.

London theatre tickets are also very easy to find online, meaning that it will be easy to very quickly see which plays or musicals may be right for you and see which shows are within your budget all at the same time.

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