Manchester City Breaks

With spring advancing quickly, why not take a city break, and why not take it in Manchester? If Manchester is not the first place that comes to mind when considering a get-away weekend, perhaps you should think again; modern Manchester is one of the greatest cities in Europe. So too is old Manchester, and it the blend of the old and the new that makes this city so appealing.

The architecture that you will discover in Manchester is varied and includes mainly a mixture of Victorian, Edwardian, and modern. Manchester was a major centre of the cotton trade and many of the old cotton mills are still standing with many redeveloped into offices and apartments.

The Manchester Town Hall was designed by Alfred Waterhouse and is built in the Victorian Neo-gothic style. You will find it in Albert Square around which there are several other buildings of similar style. The square was named after Prince Albert, and you will find his memorial there. Also on Albert square is a fountain and other memorials to various dignitaries including William Gladstone; James Fraser, a nineteenth century Bishop of Manchester; the statesman John Bright and the banker Oliver Heywood. Other places to visit include the Manchester Victoria railway station, a classic Edwardian building; the Royal Exchange, now renovated with a glass and metal roof; Victoria Baths which currently are being restored; the circular Central Library, an important neo-classical landmark that houses over a million books. Also worth a visit are more modern UMIST and the art deco Daily Express building.

As well as historical landmarks, Manchester boasts some modern skyscrapers constructed mainly during the 1960s and 70s and these include the now renovated Co-operative Insurance Tower. A more recent skyscraper is the Beetham Tower located right in the City Centre. This is the tallest UK building outside London and the sight of its thin stepped rectangular form and steel concrete construction juxtaposed against the red brick buildings at its foot is quite breathtaking; it is also the location of one of the several hotels in Manchester city centre. In fact Manchester hotels include some of the finest to be found in any UK city and include the ultra-modern and traditional neo-gothic with many in between.

As is traditional in many Northern towns and cities, Manchester comes to life when the sun goes down. Nightlife in Manchester is legendary with many fine restaurants, pubs, clubs and music venues; the party is said to start on Wednesday and continue until Sunday evening.



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