Ensure Safety within IT Suites

Significant advancements in technological capabilities and specifications have integrated computer units within the fabric of many commercial buildings as companies utilise desktops and laptops in order to take a business forward. Due to the expansive global potential provided by the Internet, companies place comprehensive value and importance upon IT equipment to establish and maintain correspondence with business clients. This can be conducted either through email or the formation of a website; with the latter an integral feature of modern business models as establishing a strong web presence can reap overwhelming benefits in terms of conversion rates and sales profits. Computers have also made other aspects of business, such as administrative procedures, more simplistic and efficient to effectively replace paper form filing and data management.

Due to the potential quantity of units required by a company in order to operate a functional and successful business, it is important to receive portable appliance testing as a form of protection against any potential electrical fault. Companies who install portable appliances must conform to insurance policy requirements and the EAW (Electricity at Work) Regulations 1989 to ensure portable appliances are maintained in a safe working order.

Acquiring the services of electrical testing specialists also helps ensure a company adheres to its health and safety policies to ensure all employees gain assurance and peace of mind that their devices and work stations are secure to use.

Companies can gain the assurance and peace of mind that all portable appliances are thoroughly examined and tested to operate equipment and machinery that is fit for purpose. Portable appliance testing carries out a number of tasks which conform to any health and safety programme and industry standard of test frequency. All leads, plugs and appliances are rigorously checked, where applicable, to ensure all computer units are safe for employees to use within the daily operations of a business.

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