Making the West End Experience Easier

The West End experience just got even easier. Whilst has been relatively straight forward to get cheap theatre tickets for any show you want for some time now, no matter when you decide to book, getting to and from the theatre has often been somewhat harder.

Whether you live somewhere rural and simply have to spend a great deal of money travelling to London or other cities with a good theatre scene or whether you live in close proximity to the West End but are unable to get home easily after a show, the commute to the theatre is one thing that can put many off.

After a ten-year campaign to get later trains from London at the weekend, and a huge amount of expense improving rail services, theatregoers have finally won the battle and are now able to make many journeys far later at weekends. With easy access to London theatre tickets on the internet and with many people now able to get home without hassle or great expense, this summer looks set to be even more popular for theatre, despite many worrying about the economy.

With cheap theatre tickets being readily available, the West End is a genuinely affordable treat, which leads many to look to such entertainment over more expensive trips away.

These extended train services will go as far afield as Brighton, allowing far more people the opportunity to head into the capital for some great entertainment without the worry of being stranded or having the extra expense of accommodation on top of their London theatre tickets. Many station platforms have been extended too, to ensure that longer trains can be utilised and in turn travel much farther, later.

With a few stations reopening after lengthy closures too, there has never been a better, easier or cheaper time to head to watch a West End production.

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