Optimal database management – worth making a high priority

In today’s fast-moving global marketplace, where potential new business can become someone else’s business in the blink of an eye, it is only too easy suddenly to discover that your company is trailing behind the competition.

You can however give yourself a much better chance of keeping pace with the competition if you have a strong grip on your company’s databases. Being able to find just the required information in a timely way, or have that information delivered to you automatically as part of a regular company data feed, could make all the difference to keeping your company on track.
For this reason, many companies of varying sizes choose Oracle as their database provider, and an accredited Oracle partner to manage it for them.

Oracle systems are well known for being able to cope with large volumes of data, and massive numbers of simultaneous requests, without missing a beat in terms of performance. The fact that Oracle can be so responsive means that it is often the engine for systems where there’s a high demand for real-time information: For example, ‘just in time’ supermarket stock tracking systems, online rail timetables, and internet news services which rely on constant quick-fire updates to stay credible.

However, Oracle systems, whilst yielding fantastic results, and providing wonderful streamlining opportunities for large organisations, also require expert management and support. This is where Quantix comes in. We are an enterprise application support company with over 1,500 man-hours each year consultancy experience in Oracle technologies.

Our Oracle Platinum Partner status means that our team will bring a deep, practical knowledge of Oracle to your company, and through tailored consultancy and support, will enable you to get the very best out of your Oracle systems.

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