Going down the application support route – the benefits

If you work in any kind of capacity for a large-scale company it will not be long before you discover that IT plays a key role. IT systems are crucial for the running of all the key “business as usual” activities, such as; communications, contact-management, documentation, procurement, manufacturing and distribution.

However, times change, and they can change pretty rapidly in the world of commerce. It may well be that your IT operation itself, whilst doing its job in rationalising other areas of your business, needs a rethink.

For instance, a typical corporate IT setup can consist of a software package being installed and supported by an in-house team, which in turn is reliant on an external consultant for special expertise. At the same time, the company which provided the software in the first place may need to be contacted from time to time. This is a relatively complicated scenario for keeping tabs on what could be mission-critical software within your supply chain. There is also a significant risk of single points of failure, where perhaps only one person on your team knows how to keep the programme working as it should.

With regard to such a scenario, here at Quantix we can offer a different route. We are an application managed services company and we have been in business for over 30 years and trusted by around 250 large and medium sized businesses. We offer a specific service, called application support, which involves consolidating all the support of your company’s mission-critical software, into one single, easy-to-understand package.

One option, for instance, could be following extensive analysis and achieving consensus with your in-house team to migrate the software to our data centre and managing it entirely from there. Your staff would still have all the access they need to the package through robust, secure, cloud networking.

Through such resilient application support, following strict SLAs means your own in-house teams can be freed up to concentrate on core business tasks.

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