A New Wave of Storage

Finding suitable storage solutions for each individual business can be extremely hard. When it comes to most storage solutions, the units available will be generic in terms of their usage and size, meaning that it is hard to fully optimise any space, whilst a great deal of unit area will be wasted simply due to items not fitting precisely into the shelves.

However, for those who need control over what they store and how they store it, electronic mobile shelving is now on the market, and most importantly of all, such storage now comes with state of the art touch screen electronic control panels.

Not only will this form of mobile storage ensure that far less room is taken up since each and every unit can simply be moved together to form one large unit, with each section accessible only as and when you need to, but such storage also ensures that files and the like are far safer and that no dust will gather on the shelves, making it cleaner and easier to manage at the same time.

The electronic control panel used on this type of office storage brings many additional benefits. With pin code access security, it is possible to grade the level of access for each section of storage, meaning that you can keep all files and items as safe as you need them, only accessible to those who truly need such files.

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