Controlling Access to Important Items

When you have sensitive information you need to store, physical files that need to be accessed only by specific people or even expensive valuable items that need to be kept safely, then finding the right storage is important. However, with the right archive storage or mobile shelving, it is possible to store the most delicate and costly of items side by side with sensitive documents and even more mundane articles, all completely safely and all extremely easily accessible.

Companies such as Bruynzeel offer storage solutions that are controlled electronically. Their unique Dynamic electronic control panel allows pin code access to items, ensuring that only those with the relevant clearance can get to the items they need. In many ways this is the safest way to safeguard from both intruders and staff who might not have been granted certain clearances since, not only will the pin code entry stop people without clearance having access to items or files they shouldn’t, but the way that the large storage sections move together means that it will be basically impossible to try and part them in any other way than by using the correct pin on the control panel.

The control panels used by this form of archive storage have exceptional security and easy single touch operation, meaning that whilst they are perfectly secure, it will take no time at all for people to access exactly what they need to using the LCD touch screen control panel.

It is very hard to ensure that documents are kept completely safe, even with the likes of vaults, and since these mobile storage solutions utilise space very effectively and need no staff to control the access to them, the security offered by these electronic control panels is likely to be the best choice for most.

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