Train up volunteers on first aid courses

Employee welfare is right at the top of the list for any responsible employer. They appreciate and understand that their workers need to be looked after on site and invest in health and safety provision to ensure their well being isn’t compromised in anyway. It’s not just about legal compliance. Good safety is good business.

From time to time incidents and accidents can occur. Someone might have a fall or be taken ill. There’s always a delay until trained paramedics can be on site, so it’s a requirement that workplaces have a number of trained first aiders. They can help manage and contain the situation until professionals arrive on the scene.

Every business needs to invest in first aid courses. Having trained staff on site can make all of the difference. It can prevent a minor incident from becoming a major one and provide vital support and intervention as and when required.

First aid at work courses cover all of the practical and theoretical things that volunteers need to know. They can get to grips with the “dos” and “don’ts” before putting their new found knowledge into practice in a serious of simulations.

Sending staff on first aid courses is a vital first step towards making the workplace a safer place to be. It’s so much better to be proactive rather than reactive. Good first aid at work courses are thorough, practical and affordable too.

Safety First Aid Training have been providing this service to a huge variety of businesses for many years know. Their expert trainers can pass on their skills to enthusiastic volunteers. Equipped with new knowledge and skills they can look after their colleagues should the need arise. It’s reassuring to know that trained first aiders are on hand ready to intervene should they be required.

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