Demolition Contractors Recognising the Overall Value of an Environmental Approach to Their Work

At a time when, nationally and across many industrial sectors, environmental agendas play second fiddle to austerity measures, the demolition industry continues to push forward with green initiatives. The National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC) exists in order to spearhead ongoing improvement in the industry “for the benefit of its members, customers, and the general public”, to put it in its own words.

By employing up-to-date deconstruction approaches and safety measures, in compliance with SMSTS training, contractors are increasingly finding the value of implementing good environmental practices – even if they are as simple as recycling waste materials – for the benefit of themselves, their customers and the general public.

These initiatives come from the top, with companies always on the lookout for ways to improve their image and save on money, and increasing numbers of site managers and supervisors in the demolition industry are being made to complete SMSTS courses that help improve their understanding of on-site safety and welfare. Once managers have completed SMSTS training, they are expected, as the course encourages, to increase site-wide understanding of improving productivity through both implementation of safety measures and environmental legislation that affects the daily pattern of work.
SMSTS courses can be completed in specialist training centres, but with many companies with accredited training credentials also offering training on location, demolition companies can have courses tailored to stress the measures that will help improve practices unique to the industry.

With top level management teams looking to economise and improve their image for good PR, increasing numbers of on-site supervisors gaining recognised site management credentials suited to their working environment, and compliance by site workers to adhere to new measures, the industry is undergoing a cultural change. The results of this are good for businesses, good for the environment, and good for the industry’s image as a whole.

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