Link building can be very frustrating

The acquisition of inbound links is far from simple. Many articles have stressed that it is a time-consuming process. However, the frustrating nature of the work done by link building services is not mentioned quite so often. This is in part because consultants do not necessarily want to let clients know that progress may be non-linear. It also may be due to the fact that some consultants are reluctant to reveal some of the details of their link building strategies.

At we are not reticent in regard to sharing information about what we do. Obviously, there are limits to what is written in our articles. Complete openness would be damaging to our competitiveness in relation to our rivals. Nonetheless, we are not afraid to confirm that the pursuit of inbound links can be frustrating.

It is important to bear in mind that many links serve no positive purpose. If they lack authority or relevance then they should not be aimed for. Invariably, some inadequate links will be obtained during the course of a campaign. It is essential to try to accumulate the kind of links which will do a job for the site in question. A ‘one size fits all’ approach will never be effective, no matter how forcefully it is implemented.

A problem can arise in relation to guest blogging. It is partly the fault of unethical companies that have given the optimisation industry a poor reputation. Some sites are reluctant to take guest blogs from those in the online marketing sector. However, a skilled consultant will be able to get around this potential source of frustration.

Guest blogging is made less difficult to perform when one has the experience required to make a good pitch. An efficient pitching technique permits a consultant to demonstrate their expertise. Every time they manage to display their knowledge and communication skills, the consultant makes it a little bit more likely that their pitches will be accepted. Gradually, guest blogging can work to extend the web presence of a business. When the web presence is in good shape, this is when those great links will be attracted.

Using social networks to get links is a positive way forward. Nevertheless, it can be gruelling work. A well-conducted Facebook campaign can take a lot of time to perform. Having a fan page and liking some appropriate things is not going to deliver the goods. Regular high quality updates will be needed. Once more is known about the target audience, it becomes easier to please it.

Those who pretend that links come easy are more likely to come unstuck than those who keep plugging away in the knowledge that it is hard graft. Link bait which gets inappropriate links is seldom constructed by those who really appreciate the nature of the task as a whole.

Of course, the frustrations which are experienced during a link acquisition campaign are not confined to industrious consultants. That is why there has to be excellent communication between a consultancy and a site owner. Patience will be needed by the latter if the process is to gather momentum.

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