Sitting Tight – an Effective Tactic for Anyone Looking to Buy Tickets on the Secondary Market

When major artists first officially announce tour plans, the general sale of concert tickets quickly follows. This is often done well in advance of the actual gig dates for reasons that are, in part, dictated by the logistics of organising big events. Once the logistical planning stage is completed there is little chance of keeping tours a secret, so an official announcement is quickly made. Tickets sales follow not long after, benefiting from the hype generated by the inevitable press coverage that surrounds high-profile announcements.

Though this suits the touring artists and the promoters, who are interested mainly in selling out venues and ensuring a successful string of dates, the speedy process of pushing tickets on the market means that some people miss out on concert tickets the first time round. However figures suggest they can still get a good deal if they show a little patience. With the facility of price-comparison sites, consumers can compare ticket prices on the secondary market, ensuring they get the best deal available at that moment in time.

Following the sell-out of a high-profile concert, the secondary tickets market can produce high prices, but that shouldn’t put anyone off in the long term. A case to consider is the recent Coachella Festival: compare ticket prices on the secondary market at the start and the end of the three months between official sources selling out and the festival taking place, and there is difference of over $200 (falling from an average of close to $650 dollars to lower than $450).

Though this still exceeds the face value of the ticket, for anyone who kept their money in their pocket until the last minute, that $200 difference represents a saving. Nonetheless, anyone considering playing the waiting game should remember that as the concert date comes ever closer, higher demand can be renewed which can push prices up once more.

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