Late Seats for Broadway Shows Are an Increasingly Competitive Marketplace

Broadway tickets have gained a reputation in recent years for selling out well in advance of the shows. This can mean that anyone looking for that theatrical experience beyond compare can find tickets hard to come by unless they’re super-organized or very well-connected. However, the notoriously pricey secondary ticket market has evolved so that brokers, who buy up blocks of tickets to sell on to the secondary market, rather than operating as part of a network that offers mutual support through self-interest of those looking to make the most of the niche, are having to compete more directly with each other. The result of this is more affordable, second-hand tickets.

Though it is nadve to say that the market has not been competitive in the past, the shake-up that has occurred, due mainly to the growth in existence of online ticket directory comparison services, which allow customers to directly compare tickets and prices for different shows, has seen the second-hand ticket market become an increasingly favorable place for theatergoers looking to get a decent deal on Broadway tickets that have not been sold through official box offices many months in advance.

The option exists, of course, to try and catch a show when it is touring elsewhere in the country. Yet it is commonly accepted that success is not a guarantee when a Broadway show takes to the road – as was the case for the Hairspray tour in 2006 – and empty seats can mean a diminished viewing experience for audiences.

And, of course, the Broadway experience cannot be recreated elsewhere, particularly for tourists visiting New York City who want to crown their experience of the Big Apple, which is why the market, both primary and secondary, continues to thrive as it does. Yet with the changing secondary ticket landscape, the dream of that truly unique theatergoing experience might at least be a little less financially daunting.

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