Beware of the assumption of morning after pill availability

Some women are unaware that certain high street pharmacies sell one of the most widely used brands of morning after pill, Levonelle, over the counter, with many assuming that it is only available when prescribed by doctors. This is handy and reassuring information for women who may need to use the morning after pill in the future and equally as welcomed by those who have used it in the past and can testify to the stress caused by their panicked dashes to visit their doctors without prior notice.

Levonelle One Step is the name of the morning after pill sold by pharmacies and it is exactly the same as the Levonelle 1500 that is prescribed by doctors. Pharmacists generally have a discreet conversation with female customers who have requested the morning after pill, in order to ensure safe usage. They also explain what steps women should take if they are sick, rendering the morning after pill ineffective if vomiting occurs within three hours of ingestion.

High street pharmacy sales of Levonelle One Step undoubtedly offer women the accessibility and convenience that may have been previously lacking. Yet hundreds of thousands take a pragmatic approach to their morning after needs and prefer to buy Levonelle online, eradicating any potential issues that might arise with having to unexpectedly get to their doctors or pharmacy. Purchasing Levonelle from an online pharmacy provides women with a comfortable, practical solution to a problem that can be fraught with issues.

At Nationwide Pharmacies, we provide quality online pharmacy services to women who choose to offset morning after mad dashes by forearming themselves with Levonelle. All they need to do is complete a simple and straightforward consultation over the Internet with one of our doctors, all of whom are UK registered. We will then be able to send out your medication to keep you prepared.

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