Effective NEBOSH Training

NEBOSH is one of the most fundamental health and safety certificates that can be gained, but with so many companies offering it, how can one tell the difference between them, and which is best? As ever, that all comes down to the teaching methods and the skills of the teachers involved. One of the best ways of finding out just how good a course is that is on offer, is to look at both the testimonials or reviews, as well as the pass rate. Testimonials and reviews can ultimately grade a NEBOSH course administrator very well since companies are paying to have their employees certified, but if that doesn’t happen or their employees are unhappy with the course, it will be viewed as wasted money. While this always can happen for varying reasons, if it happens repeatedly then it is a very bad sign indeed.

Those companies that teach to modern practices and use technology as well as a high degree of interactivity will generally get something better out of their candidates than others. It pays to really liven up the subject with quizzes, group activities, puzzles and other more light-hearted moments. If the course itself can be memorable, then so might the information being taught. These varied teaching techniques can really help to break up what could be an intensive 12 day NEBOSH certificate course. For those that are trying to gain the construction health and safety certificate, the better they do, the more safe a company should feel if the candidate learns effectively.

A shorter NEBOSH certificate lasting 5 days is available which specifies in fire assessments is not quite so intensive, but still, with 5 days of solid training, retention of information and practices always becomes a critical issue, so making sure that the teaching is memorable and varied will be one of the best techniques.

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