The Importance of Access Control

With a large workforce, it can be difficult to control who is going in and out of the building. Even small offices need to focus on security, as they are particularly vulnerable when under threat of crime because they often can’t afford the high costs involved with unwanted visitors. An access control system will help you to manage all of this and to ensure that your premises, staff, products and data are secure.

In fact, security is the primary reason for having an access control system, although it can also be used for monitoring staff comings and goings. Many types of business simply cannot afford for unwanted and unknown visitors to enter their premises, through fear of theft or that confidential data might be compromised or abused. Of course, access control isn’t just about stopping outsiders from coming in, but also about stopping workers from going where they shouldn’t or don’t need to be. The right kind of system can provide different levels of access to different people if you need it that way.

Every business is different, and even within a single business there can be many different requirements as regards access control. The best kind of system will be one that is flexible and that can work with you to give you everything you need. Whether you have an apartment building, run a school, hospital, bank or office, you should choose the system that matches your needs ideally.

The Symmetry Security Management system by G4S is installed at over 3,000 sites across the UK, and it incorporates access control with other security solutions such as CCTV or identity management. With access options ranging from simple door access to full biometric access, you can even purchase blank ID cards and lanyards from G4S, giving you a fully integrated security solution.

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