Finding the Perfect Watch for the Lady in Your Life

Ladies’ watches are a popular gift because they combine the style and beauty of jewellery with the functional aspects of a portable clock. Those who do wear a watch regularly will feel extremely inconvenienced as soon as the battery goes or the strap breaks, or even just if they forget to put it on that day. Getting the right style watch, however, depends on the individual that you’re buying it for.

Classic Watches
Classic watches may have a simple leather strap or a slimline metal bracelet in silver or gold (or even both). If the lady you are buying for tends to opt towards classic jewellery then a similar design watch may be the way forward.

Fashion Watches
Of course, fashions change regularly and not every fashion appeals to every person at that time. At the moment, chunky and colourful watches seem to be de rigueur. Swatch are also always a good brand for finding ladies’ watches which incorporate colourful and unusual designs in keeping with today’s modern trends.

Sports Watches
If the lady in your life is a keen exercise fan, then she would probably appreciate a sports watch so she won’t risk getting her favourite dress watch all sweaty and sticky. Sports watches have straps made of a more breathable material, as well as being clear to read and often having extra functions such as stopwatches.

Digital Watches
As with everything, a large selection of watches are now digital, although you can of course find plenty of analogue models too. Quick and easy to read, digital watches can also often be cheaper because the mechanics required to make them aren’t as complicated as those of an analogue watch.

The key to finding the right watch is to do plenty of research into what she likes and to have a good look at what retailers have to offer rather than going for the first one you find.

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