Depressions Counselling Services

In the UK, there is growing demand for depressions counselling services. There are several reasons for this.

Why Demand for Depressions Counselling Services is Increasing

The main reason, unfortunately, is that more people in the UK are suffering from depression. Both adults and teenagers are being diagnosed with depression by their doctors. The biggest increases are being seen in teenagers, but it is a growing problem. 1 in 10 UK adults will suffer from depression at some time or another in their life.

The other reason there is increasing demand for depressions counselling services is that more GPs are prescribing it rather than just prescribing drugs.

The causes of depression are varied and the solution for one person is not necessarily right for another, therefore there are several depression counselling services to choose from.

How Depressions Counselling Services Work

Bouts of mild depression can usually be dealt with using a short course of cognitive behaviour therapy. Once a person has received CBT counselling they can better understand the cause of their depression. This coupled with counselling about how to cope with the problem and change the way they think can help with mild depression. It can also help people to spot the signs of another bout of depression early allowing them to take steps to prevent themselves falling into another bout of full blown depression.

More severe depression can also be helped greatly with the right counselling services. CBT sessions help most people a great deal, but when depression is severe, drugs may have to be prescribed as well. When it is time for the patient to come off the drugs that are suppressing the depression counselling can also help.

The level of support offered by depressions counselling services varies. How many sessions are needed and how far apart those sessions should be is different for each individual patient. Those that respond well to their treatment can feel much better after just one or two sessions. However, some people require ongoing counselling sessions to help them to keep depression at bay. It is not unknown for people to receive counselling for years rather than just for a few months.

The British CBT Counselling Service provides depressions counselling services from experienced psychologists who are accredited by several health associations.

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