Consumer Demand And The Printer Ink Industry

Ink toner is notoriously expensive, particularly for the best printers on the market. The issue for the printer owner is whether all of this money spent on toner is actually worth it, particularly considering that the printer itself is not much more expensive. This state of affairs has come about due to a ‘razor and blades’ business model that results in printer companies trying to make their money through ink sales rather than on the sale of the printer. Lexmark inks are some of the best of the market, for instance, but for a high yield toner cartridge you could be looking at more than £150. To have this replaced regularly can quickly make Lexmark printer cartridges one of your main expenses and with no discount for making many purchases it can quickly seem like a raw deal.

While Lexmark inkjet is typically more reasonably priced, this still doesn’t mitigate the fact that the printer itself is not worth much more than a few investments in printer cartridges. This has meant that consumers are becoming increasingly willing to try out compatible inks in the hope that the cheaper options will yield the same level of quality. In the past consumers were more wary about going down this path because they were explicitly instructed not to by printer manufacturers, but the fact is using a compatible ink should not invalidate your warranty by law. With this knowledge, consumers are quickly finding out who the best compatible cartridge manufacturers are. As such, they are using them to save money on their regular expenses on inks. This knowledge is also being passed around through sites such as, where many compatible ink manufacturers are receiving good to excellent reviews.

In time, it might force a change in the printer industry’s razor and blades model.

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