Loose cut diamonds – a world of possibilities

Diamond jewellery comes in all kinds of different shapes and designs. From glittering earrings through to beautiful engagement rings, these magnificent stones make for the most stunning pieces of jewellery. Everyone notices that distinctive sparkle when a refined diamond catches the light just so. Every girl dreams about the day she receives the most wonderful gift of all – diamonds.

Some people like to choose off the shelf designs at the jewellers. They see a ring, bracelet or necklace that they like and snap it up as a gift for that special lady in their life. Skilled jewellers come up with all kinds of beautiful designs, but sometimes people want to create their own. They’ve always imagined a particular piece and that’s what they have their heart set on.

Loose cut diamonds are simply stones that haven’t been set into a piece of jewellery. Buyers can pick them up and then have jewellers create completely bespoke designs with these stones. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Sometimes people have very definite ideas about a ring or necklace for example that they want to buy or receive. If they don’t see any designs that fit the bill then this is the option to take. They can take these loose diamonds and have them made into the perfect piece of jewellery exactly to their specifications.

Jewellery is a very personal thing. Everyone has different tastes. Buying jewellery like this as a surprise present can be a tall order. Will she like it? With loose diamonds it’s hard to go wrong. She’ll be thrilled by the beauty of the stones which can then be set into rings, earrings, necklaces or bracelets. Whatever her heart desires.

Some people are simply buying up loose cut diamonds as an investment. With interest rates so low and the stock market so turbulent and unpredictable it makes perfect sense. Beautiful stones will increase in value over time and offer investors a different way to make a return on their outlay.

The price of stones like this will depend on a variety of different factors. The purer and more refined the stone the costlier it will be. The more imperfections the more flawed the stone and hence the lower price. Some of these stones are truly stunning. They look so perfect. Natural wonders that have been cut and polished into a variety of beautiful designs. Cuts include brilliant round cut and princess cut. Each person has their own individual preference.

In order to make the right choice people should study stones carefully. Consider the carat firstly, then the cut, the clarity also and the colour too. Reviewing what people in the trade call the 4 Cs.

These loose stones open up a new world of possibilities either for investors or people looking to give a beautiful gift to their loved one. Jewellery doesn’t simply start and finish with generic off the the shelf designs. By buying diamonds loose people can create any kind of design exactly the way they’ve always imagined it to be.

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